The sound of a musical instrument can be digitally altered in spectacular ways, similar to visual special effects we often marvel at in films. Various mathematical and computational techniques can create dramatic alterations in the rhythm, pitch, and timbre of any instrument. Examples include adding echo, reverb, harmonization, vocal alteration, and filtering.

In the field of electronic musical instruments, FX is a common abbreviation for sound “effects”. Inside many modern electronic musical instruments are small computers that alter sound, generally utilizing a class of devices called Digital Signal Processors, or DSP. These devices are found inside many modern guitar amplifiers, recording studio equipment, and even consumer-grade audio-visual systems.

FX DSP Labs is a Canadian audio engineering and manufacturing firm that provides highly specialized hardware and software for end manufacturers of musical instruments and audio products. FX DSP’s mission is to develop world-class instruments that are compelling to play at every interaction, opening new doors of sonic possibilities for composers, performers, and musical experimentalists.